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First time Flies

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First time Flies

Post  etch on 4/17/2011, 10:46 pm

Hi Guys

New to this Forum have been lurking for a while. With the help of Oldman, CharlieG and Captfishinfella who all sent me care packages to try my hand at tying flies. I tried some of my versions of a stone fly, nymphs, other flies and leeches/buggers, for Steelhead. As well as I tied up 4 big Pike sized flies. Please let me know what you honestly think of them, criticism welcomed.

Thanks Etch


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Re: First time Flies

Post  Charlie G. on 4/17/2011, 11:23 pm

DAMN Etch look at you go
You got some great talent there buddy
Soon I'll be asking you to tie me up some lol!
One thing thow, Lets see some fish on them this year.
Keep tying and posting pix of your work and catches.
Bob and I will be up when you find some of them Northern Pike that will take them flys.
Welcome to the club lol!
Charlie G.

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Post  old man on 4/18/2011, 6:58 am

...we can see that you are out of control already etch !!!

...nice looking ties for sure...

...that black critter would look awesome on a #22 hook....

...and...yes... we want to see some pikes get them 8" flatwings tied up ...

Old Man aka Bob

old man

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Re: First time Flies

Post  MarkC on 4/18/2011, 10:42 am

outstanding work

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Re: First time Flies

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