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ez body question

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ez body question

Post  smitty on 2/1/2014, 11:02 pm

ez body question..... How can we get some sent to a buddy and great builder in Canada our friend ETCH he is having a hard time finding it local and the ideas he has to build with it is going to be great so any ideas please let me know so we can make it happen.... Very Happy 

Thanks Smitty



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Re: ez body question

Post  Charlie G. on 2/2/2014, 1:57 pm

Smitty be more specific on what you mean by EZ Body  confused 
There is a product for fly tying with that name, is it that

We can get that for him. He should be able to get some at "the Bears Den"
There's no reason they wouldn't ship to him.
Charlie G.

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