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A Book for Striper Fisherman

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A Book for Striper Fisherman

Post  grandslam35 on 5/3/2013, 8:10 pm

My new book is a slew of information on how to catch striped bass. Within it's 227 pages are great photos and lots of detailed tips and techniques for anglers. Books are 19.95 + 6.05 Shipping and handling. Available at or call 516-457-5298

Here are some reviews from those who have read it:

Tim S- I'm done with 60-percent of Bass Buff. Very readable, and a fun read also. Informative beyond question. I asked my local bait and tackle shop to buy a hundred.

John M- Got mine, and it's a great read that does a good job at putting the knowledge into action.

Phil B- I love the layout, photos, and content. Very professional.

Tom S- Great job on the book Captain Tom.

Pat M- I got mine quickly, already read 80%, very informative.

Paul L- Great book Tom. I read it twice already. I'm a dedicated troller, but I'm going to really push myself this season to practice some of the techniques that you outline so well in your book.

Joseph K-Learned a lot of new tricks and techniques. Also Realized some of the errors I was doing, which probably hampered my success. I am looking to apply my newly learned information very soon. Waiting to see what "Fluke Buff" has in store. See you on the water.

Capt. Tom Mikoleski Grand Slam Charters MOntauk.


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Re: A Book for Striper Fisherman

Post  grandslam35 on 5/12/2013, 4:00 pm

Here are some other reviews of "Bass Buff":

Capt. Ron Ladga- F/V Coyote- I opened the cover and started reading standing at the kitchen counter before I knew it I was on Page 57!! Great Job!!!

Capt. Mike Cioffi Western Sound Charters- The book was great!!

Capt. Derek Grattan- Finished the book. Great job. Best fishing book I've ever read.

Order yours today at

Capt. Tom.

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