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Post  grandslam35 on 4/23/2013, 8:21 pm

Bass Buff-A Striper Fishing Obsession Guide will be in and begin shipping on Friday April 26, 2013 or

I can guarantee this book will help you become a better boating striper angler, and it reveals many of the secrets that have made me a successful Montauk charter boat captain.

Part 1 contains a little about me, and a lot about the fish, the wonderful striped bass.
Part 2 contains tips and techniques that help me and my customers catch a lot of striped bass including:
Tools of the Trade
Knots. Rigs, and Terminal Gear
Drifting Eels Montauk Style
Trolling Wire Line
Clam Chumming
Bunker Chunking and Live Lininig
Night Fishing Tips
Much, much more...

Here is what famed author and surf fishing expert William "Doc" Muller has to say about the book.

Captain Tom Mikoleski of Grand Slam Charters has written a striped bass book unlike any other I’ve read. It is a no-nonsense honest look at boat fishing techniques used to catch striped bass. Fortunately for us, it’s organized in such a way that the reader can find and absorb each technique and then easily cross reference the technique to the “gear” chapters, thus understanding at a glance why each tackle set up is best for a given approach.
Tom is a patient and thorough captain, and whether the quarry is striped bass, fluke, or bottom fish he works very hard to provide fun and productive trips for his customers. He applied that same ethic to this book. Functioning as the editor of the project I was impressed by how eagerly and openly he embraced suggestions. With each editing and rewriting cycle, he applied himself with skill and determination to get the book to a high level of both content and readability.
Tom is an extremely skilled angler who appreciates that he wasn’t born with a rod and reel in his hand, and that his journey from beginner to pro was an exciting and prolonged learning curve. As he wrangles with the nitty-gritty of explaining gear and technique in this book, it is clear that he understands the needs of an angler who may have never used a given approach or type of gear. His energy and excitement about fishing for striped bass; the most storied species of inshore fish along the east coast, his respect for the fish bubbles clearly through the writing. We are treated in the early chapters of the book to the framework of this journey from novice, to his first trips with Captain Bob Rocchetta many years ago, to venturing out on his own as a captain. These chapters that explore his personal pilgrimage to becoming a charter boat captain are very compelling reading that I believe every angler can enjoy and identify with.
The book is punctuated with wonderful photographs too, that Tom and his brother Pete have accumulated over the years, and they add tremendous interest to the book.
It’s been a privilege to be part of this multi-year project, and I know anglers will not only enjoy reading it, but also learn a lot of practical information that can be directly applied to their own fishing.
If you’re a striped bass fisherman, you owe it to yourself to explore Captain Tom’s approach to the sport and the specific skills he uses to catch lots of stripers for his charters as he introduces a host of anglers to the sportsmanship of angling for striped bass.

The book can be ordered at:
Book Site

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