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Possible bad news for some at IBSP

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Possible bad news for some at IBSP Empty Possible bad news for some at IBSP

Post  Menacer on 8/28/2012, 1:36 am

A series of proposed amendments to the New Jersey Administrative Code for State Parks in general and Island Beach State Park in particular is pending.

Of the many amendments, two are very troubling. One would amend the definition of a vehicle eligible to receive a Mobile Sport Fishing Vehicle Permit, which is the term for a beach buggy permit. ...

The new definition (the amendments are in bold face), is proposed as a "two-axle, four-wheel drive passenger motor vehicle, having tires no larger than 40 inches in overall diameter, designed to be licensed and operated on the public roadways and highways of the State and capable of four-wheel drive operation when off the public road on the beach." The definition continues that "ATVs, recreational camping vehicles (RVs), trailers-in-tow, and military-designed or military surplus vehicles (whether or not modified for civilian use ) are specifically excluded from this definition."

Under this new definition, truck campers, 4 wheel-drive motor homes, and Humvees would be prohibited. The owner will not even be able to purchase a permit. Further, by adding "passenger" motor vehicle, a fisherman who uses his work truck, with commercial plates, will no longer be able to buy a permit.

The second troubling amendment is to add a new term, "Oversized vehicle" which "means a vehicle of combination of vehicles and trailers that will not fit into a 10 feet x 20 feet parking space. This includes, for example, recreational camping vehicles, and vehicles towing trailers or other vehicles." The daily entrance fee for an "oversized vehicle" is twice the regular fee. While we may all think of a motorhome as oversized, the average full size pick-up truck can measure more than 20 feet long, especially with a cooler rack and rod holders. This definition would also affect waterfowl hunters who tow duck boats into the parking for launching and perhaps even persons bringing in kayaks for launching.

The DEP has published these proposals and persons are being given an opportunity to submit comments until September 16, 2012. The site for submitting comments is

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Possible bad news for some at IBSP Empty Re: Possible bad news for some at IBSP

Post  Zmat on 8/28/2012, 7:26 am

not cool man


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Possible bad news for some at IBSP Empty Re: Possible bad news for some at IBSP

Post  handyman on 8/28/2012, 8:26 am

yea what ever happend to the good ol IBSP........lately the beach been looking like CADDYSHACK......had to doge all the holes being dug on the beach from all the new comers that dont its starting to look like a camp site......nearly got my truck side swiped buy a tent that got blown over from a EAST WIND 10 ta 15.......not to mention fishing a nice cut/pocket.....when a mid sized car pulls up with 4 wheel drive.........puts a pole next to me in the sand....(more like an ultralite trout rod ) he's gona fish........and proceeds to splash threw my hole with his surf board........not to mention the dunes........saw kids sliding down the dunes playing........oh and to top it off lately ive noticed alot of garbage thrown around in the parking areas.......and a buddy of mine went to the guard shake to get a pass (3 day).......they gave him the third degree and ask him if he had all the nessary equipment to ride the beach like a fishing pole for each passenger tire gauge 12x12" square plywood even check the amount of gas in the vehicale.


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Possible bad news for some at IBSP Empty Re: Possible bad news for some at IBSP

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