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11/19 Upper Bay

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11/19 Upper Bay

Post  lagerhelps on 11/20/2010, 10:28 am

Fished with Angling Andy from 12:00 til about 8:00. Fished in close and the only action was fishing Andy's rod 13ft down off the Bay floor. Gotta a call from a fellow barner with a tip ( Thanks John ) but couldn't leave till we finished fishing for the rod. ( Missed the tip he was gone by the time we got our catch ) That took about an 1 hour. After 3 hours without a bump, headed to a spot nearby but a little deeper water around 22 ft. Andy was catching shorts left and right and my baits weren't being touched. I told him wait til the boat swings around on the incoming and I get that side of the Bay. Boat swung around and the fish increased in size. Plan to fish around 6:00 but at 5:30 we were both seeing an increase in the size of fish and decided to fish longer. Around 6:00 I get a 34" success. Felt good to feel the drag give again. We both started rebaiting and fishing hard and then I get a screamer around 7:00. Long drag burning runs. It finally stopped running and it felt like the 30lber I got last week only that was in a ripping tide. There was slow moving water and I could barely make any ground on it. It gets 10 yards from the boat hits the surface and does this crazy flippin roll and splash and off the hook. For as long as I fought that I couldn't believe it came unbuttoned, would have loved to see that fish.. Now I got the bug again can't wait to get out again.


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Re: 11/19 Upper Bay

Post  Fish Hawk on 11/22/2010, 6:40 pm

wack em and stackem ! nice job tom!
Fish Hawk

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