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Bunker alternative

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Bunker alternative

Post  lagerhelps on 10/1/2010, 8:43 pm

My best alternative bait for the striped ones is Mackerel. My boat used to be up in the Delaware river and only got to enjoy the spring run. When Herring wasn't available Mackerel was my go to bait. I think I caught more bass on Mackerel than Herring only because Herring wasn't always available. Not to say I didn't love jigging for them and live lining them and usually had success when Herring was in the river. Mackerel is oily and stinky and I've caught multiple fish off the same piece of bait because it does not come off the hook easily whether its frozen or fresh. I've used both and haven't seen any advantage to one over the other. Haven't used it in the Bay yet but its worth a shot when there isn't any bunker available.



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Re: Bunker alternative

Post  Fish Hawk on 10/3/2010, 10:18 pm

Those bass will eat anything.. Ive got them on clam,shedder,mackreal,spot,croakers,bloodworms and the list goes on. But, theres is one bait that i swear by when fishing the delaware bay- FRESH BUNKER!
Fish Hawk

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