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Upper Bay 8/15-8/16

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Upper Bay 8/15-8/16

Post  Fish Hawk on 8/17/2009, 5:08 pm

Called the shop just before i got out of work on friday to make sure the boat was ready.......of course it wasnt(even though i called earlier in the week and they told me it would be)Bummer-I had already reserved bait,and packed our bags. Got home told Riss the deal, both of us werent happy at all. Called my buddy joe(rusty joes marina) and told him to cancel for the bait and told him the situation. After hanging up the phone with him,about 5 hours later he calls me back and tells me to get my arse down there and use his boat....DEAL!!!! cheers

Sat 8/15

Got down to the marina alittle after noon,beautiful condtions on the bay. Armed our selfs with fresh/live shedders and headed out to 6bouy and tried for weakfish. Managed two bluefish(snappers) 1 croaker,and a few oyster crackers. No weakies...Tide was almost in,and the change would of brough wind against tide-no thank you.Back in by 4ish...Wasnt expecting Joe to say "go ahead you can use the boat tomorow"...Sweet

Sun 8/16

Down to the marina just before 8. Tide was running out,the plan was to target flounder. Left with 7 bunkers,and a pint of minnows headed up towards 34 bouy to drift. Picked up a few throwback(couldnt put the numbers togther to make a keeper-thats how small they were) Made a few more drifts and had the same results. Made a move down the bay alittle to the WR. Here i managed to get a 16",thought maybe there might be some bigger fish holding in this area.Nope, that was it. Last move of the day was down just outside of the stakes(first drop off). Again picked a few small fluke. Back at the dock by noonish. Cleaned Joes boat up,and back to pa.

Joe thank you very much for letting Riss and I use your boat. That Verado is freakn sweet man!!!!

Next weekend we will be tuna fishing...Will post a report!!!
Fish Hawk

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Re: Upper Bay 8/15-8/16

Post  smitty on 8/17/2009, 5:37 pm

awesome report .......its a cool deal he let you use his boat ......

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